EVOL AMORE INFINITO bracelet / Official Jewel of the Giro d’Italia


• 925 silver Wheel shaped spinning amulet (diameter 22 cm.), with white brilliant cut Cubic Zirconia stones.
• Bracelet made with bike components (brake/gear cable sheath extensions and terminals) and 925 silver clasp.

Bracelet length: 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm


Cerrone signs the link with Cycling and the Giro d’Italia, giving life to the Official Jewel of the Giro, confirming the constant work in contemporary design, through the two designed declinations: Evol Amore Infinito (Evol Infinite Love) and Evol Trofeo Senza Fine (Evol Endless Trophy).

Cerrone therefore has caught an inspiration that started a year ago, which embodies the consideration of a future and a vision, which passes through the wheel, a symbol of rebirth, revolution and new world.

The wheel brings back as we know to different concepts of origin and embracement, of constant cyclical security, starting from the discovery of the wheel to the shape of the stars, the circle itself is an archetype of principle and perfection, as obviously is the shape of our planet. The well-being of the planet restarts with the invention of the wheel in a sort of new year 0. A start that inspires every new race, every new future destination.

Evol becomes an amulet not only for the most famous sporting event in the world, but also a symbol of the wearer’s thought and evolution. The wheel that turns and leads you to breathe your own ego, without other filters. “The world keeps spinning”, indicates the strength, the hope and the stubbornness to face life and to reborn in this wheel, especially after the events that are shaping us, starting from the race of athletes that never stopped training in life, after every obstacle.